A Message from Founder and Designer Isabelle Mesquita                    

My vision is to design to meet the needs of contemporary society without compromising the needs of future generations, acting in the fashion and art market in a creative, ethical, circular and responsible manner.


RE-pair, RE-use, RE-design, RE-cycling, RE-make and RE-duce are the 6 Rs of the Isabelle Mesquita Studio concept. These circular practices work using "waste" from clothing, shoes and accessories, transforming them into luxurious fashion pieces.


Circular fashion is the focus of the brand, which aims to encourage the public to re-think fashion consumption, motivating sustainable development in the consumer wardrobe.

A major movement that inspires me is the Fashion Revolution, see here for more details www.fashionrevolution.org.

Story of the beginnings of the IsabelleMesquita  brand

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Key Inspiration behind IsabelleMesquita brand

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Isabelle Mesquita is a Contemporary artist and Fashion Designer representing street art, ethical fashion and eco-style in her work and communities.


Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Isabelle first graduated in Industrial Chemistry, before going on to obtain a Bachelor of Fashion in Rio de Janeiro in 2013. In 2014 Isabelle went on to study a course in Textiles in Auckland, New Zealand, and then a Masters in Paris in International Development Management, followed by an MBA in Luxury Goods and Fashion Management also in Paris, that she completed in 2017.


For over five years, Isabelle has been growing the IsabelleMesquita brand, exploring street art and sustainable fashion to produce her collections and grow her global community.


Today, Isabelle lives in Paris and runs her studio where she produces her collections of clothes, bags, artwork, cards and sculptures. Beyond production, Isabelle strongly believes in ethical fashion and therefore works in providing up-cycling tailoring services and also runs workshops to teach the wider community on the ease of transforming their wardrobe and reduce fast fashion purchases.